Work Plan

Project Action Plan and Timetable
Week Date Week



Activity / What you are intending to do – including independent study Resources / What you will need to do it – including access to workshops




30/1/17 Introduction to Unit 7 – lecture

Pre proposal preparation

Pitch preparation

Review of work to date

Create new blog

Used files from lecture to understand FMP

Used Pinterest for initial starting points

WordPress for blog

2 13/2/17 Half Term – initial research

Preparation of pitch

Cirque du Soleil film on Netflix,

Research poems, Shakespeare’s books, try to create storyline for costume theme

3 20/2/17 Pitch

Write proposal

Create PowerPoint as a way to present my ideas.

Feedback from tutors for FMP theme and start to develop on it.

Start proposal using guideline sheet

4 27/2/17 Submit proposal

Artist Research

Experimental fire and ice samples

Vlog of week

Take out library books, drawing my interpretations of fire and ice, glue gun techniques, using wading to create 3d textiles, dye fabric, sew into plastic, stitch and slash. Vlog to evaluate weekly outcome
5 6/3/17 Weaving workshops

Fire and Ice primary research

Melt plastic

Vlog of week

Looms, warping and weaving workshop with textiles technician, ice cube and clumps, camera, tripod, camera light, Bunsen burner, elements to change colour of Bunsen flame. Vlog to evaluate weekly outcome
6 13/3/17 2D Felting workshop

Begin to create designs for costumes

Tutorial with Jamie

Vlog of week

Workshop in textiles with the textile technician on how to make my own felt. Tutorial to see if Jamie can give me any other artist references and to have a critical evaluation of my work to see where he thinks I am working at. Vlog to evaluate weekly outcome
7 20/3/17 Design development.

Vanishing fabric.

Illustration development – faces

Vlog of week

Create designs for possible final outcomes – using pencils, dyes and fine-liners. Create vanishing fabric samples using words based on love and feud. Try and create my own style for illustrations. Vlog to evaluate weekly outcome
8 27/3/17 Further design and illustration development

Begin to consider finalising designs

Acetate designs


Collage photocopies of my samples and use them to create possible costume outcomes. Look at designs and consider possible outcomes. Take designs and photocopy onto acetate to sew them together and develop further.
9 3/4/17 Begin to create garment

Digitial print

Fabric Shopping

Festival of Making Garments

Find models for festival of making

Taking one of the designs using materials to start to create life size version.. Facebook posts, ask friends.
10 10/4/17 Easter Holiday  
11 17/4/17 Easter Holiday  
12 24/4/17


Finish weave dress

Design and finish ice garment

Find song for fashion show

Continuing to weave with dress idea. Create a more structured design for ice dress and then make it. Find a song that has a good beat and rhythm for models in fashion show.
13 1/5/17


Radio interview about festival of making at radio Lancashire

Finish fire cape

Have a through think about exhibition ideas

Book studio for next week

Festival of making fashion show

Rehearsal on the stage

Interview at radio Lancashire talking about my work and the festival of making. Sew all fire pieces together to form a cape. Decide how I would like to present my work in the exhibition. Book studio for Thursday 11th May. Style garments for fashion show & have rehearsal on stage
14 8/5/17



Deadline FMP

Photoshoot of garments


Studio space to photograph work with one of the photography students – hand in work
15 15/5/17 Hang Exhibition ( prep studio) Prep studio by clearing space and old work. Put up boards to reshape the room into a better exhibition space.  Gum-strip boards and paint all boards white.



Hang Exhibition

Submit  blog link, submission pack ( including authentication form, work plan, proposal, evaluation and bibliography)

Bring my exhibition ideas to life by trying different ideas of hanging or whether it would look better on a mannequin. Try paper sizes for options of photograph sizes.
  29/5/17 Spring Bank Holiday


  5/6/17 Assessment Unit 7


  12/6/17 Assessment Unit 7


  19/6/17 Exhibition Private View 21/6/17



Exhibition Setup – part 3

After all the hard work of sanding and painting, we got allocated spaces where we began to set up our work. IMG_0355

I haven’t set up the photographs as of yet because I need mounting board from college which is due to come after half term, however, I placed A1 and A2 paper onto the boards to decide which would be too big or too small.

I think that the A2 is definitely too small and I even think that the A1 is too small so I have made the decision to use photo size of A0.

Fire Cape

The idea behind the cape is to cut individual pieces of chiffon in a flame-like pattern and then sew it all together. I illustrated how I wanted it too look;


Again I think this look is successful and strong, but I think it is my least favourite garment because it hasn’t turned out how I envisioned it too look, but I still think that it is really strong. I didn’t get any photos of this garment on the mannequin so I intend on doing a photoshoot next week, after the festival of making fashion show, to enhance and properly display this garment.

Choosing a Song for the Festival of Making

Choosing the right song for a runway show is really important because you want it to have a good enough beat to walk to but you don’t want it the lyrics to become too important and scramble up the meaning behind your garments. I wanted to use an 80s pop rock track for mine because I really like the beats they have but also because some modern songs that I like would be too cheesy and deface my meaning behind my fire and ice – these options where:

  • New Dress by Depeche Mode


  • Strangelove by Depeche Mode


  • Blue Monday by New Order


  • Friction by Imagine Dragons


  • Kids by MGMT


However, in the end I decided that the best song for my three garments to walk down to in the Festival of Making fashion show would be Blue Monday by New Order because the introduction is quite long and has no lyrics on it so it would allow the audience to gain their own opinions on my garments before the lyrics start. I think it will enhance my theme because when I link back to my origin of Romeo and Juliet, you think of the feud their families have which would in effect correlate to a warrior fight-like and confident walk in which the models will walk in time to.

Ice Garment

I wanted to complete my ice garment and sew it all together, however oveIMG_0103r the easter break I had been worrying about this garment because of its weight and I thought that once it was unpinned from a mannequin and and sewen together it would loose its shape because it wouldn’t have anything else to support it.

Even though it does look really successful the weight of it would completely changes is form, structure and strengthen when not pinned to a mannequin so I had to find a solution to fixing this and finding a way to make it work. For me this meant that I should experiment again with ways to present it and too look back at my origin of FMP, Cirque du Soleil, to find a new idea to inspire me for the ice final garment so that it would still look bold, structured and strong.

Danielle suggested trying to work in a less structured way by pinning the ice triangles onto a long strip of fabric and then wrapping it around a mannequin so that I was free to change how it looked when on a model.

I gave this idea a go, however, I truly hated it. For me it looked dreadful and doesn’t represent me as a costume designer; I honestly felt like it looked ridiculous and lost the whole meaning and inspiration behind my FMP idea. It was a big no from me. After this, I felt like I was having a block with my work and I wanted to work from an actual design instead of pinning things to a mannequin and trying to find a design that way – so I went back to the drawing board and came up with a really strong design, which represented a warrior who was ready for a final fight like the houses of the Capulets and Montagues where in the original play, wrote by Shakespeare.


I decided that I wanted to work from a small cami top then build upon the cami with the ice triangles and adding the blue chiffon materials from the weave dress to link the two garments together. I thought that if I changed the straps of the top and used the chiffons to braid 3 new straps on the top it would create a warrior feel to it, but also make it look slick, structured and strong. I wanted to then have braids in the hair with the chiffons to create a headband to keep adding the blue colouring but also to enhance the warrior feel.

I think that it gives off the idea that I wanted it to and it also looks really successful, structured and strong. I need to get some black shorts for the model to wear underneath this garment but I think when it comes to the fashion show it will look really successful, warrior like and strong with the help of hair, makeup and styling! I cannot wait to put this garment on the catwalk and show off this ice warrior look.