Finishing the Weave Dress

24th April

Throughout pathway day, I have been working on my fire and ice weave garment, in order to try and get it nearer to completion. At the end of today, I haven’t got much left to do and I am really happy with the outcome of it so far – with this in mind I know of one problem which has already occurred because I haven’t left arm holes but once I have completed the whole garment I plan to work on this as I feel it will have been easier to add in arm holes at the end than adding them in as a design element.

25th April

After yesterdays work, I haven’t got much left to do, when looking at my weave dress. I continued to weave for the first hour and a half of the day which allowed me to successfully complete my fire and ice combined garment. With regards to the arm hole problem, I am relieved because it is easier to put the garment on then add the arm holes one by one – it doesn’t even look like they haven’t not been apart of the design. I asked one of my class members to put on my garment so that I could see what it looks like on.


I think overall the garment is beautiful and mesmerising and I think this garment is definitely the strongest garment that I have ever created to date. However, one other problem occurred when creating this garment, which wasn’t recognisable until it was placed on an actual body instead of a mannequin, which is one side has rose and gone shorter than the other side; I do really like the not symmetrical placement and think this has added successfully to the design but I will need to create some shorts to go underneath this because otherwise it will be quite revealing for people who come to watch the fashion show. I plan on getting some high-waisted knicker shorts then adding fabric to them which is the same fabric as the ones in the weave dress.

Overall, I think this dress is amazing and successful, even with the problems that have arose I feel that they have actually improved and helped the design of the garment and I am looking forward to seeing my garment in the Festival of Making fashion show.


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