Ice Garment

I wanted to complete my ice garment and sew it all together, however oveIMG_0103r the easter break I had been worrying about this garment because of its weight and I thought that once it was unpinned from a mannequin and and sewen together it would loose its shape because it wouldn’t have anything else to support it.

Even though it does look really successful the weight of it would completely changes is form, structure and strengthen when not pinned to a mannequin so I had to find a solution to fixing this and finding a way to make it work. For me this meant that I should experiment again with ways to present it and too look back at my origin of FMP, Cirque du Soleil, to find a new idea to inspire me for the ice final garment so that it would still look bold, structured and strong.

Danielle suggested trying to work in a less structured way by pinning the ice triangles onto a long strip of fabric and then wrapping it around a mannequin so that I was free to change how it looked when on a model.

I gave this idea a go, however, I truly hated it. For me it looked dreadful and doesn’t represent me as a costume designer; I honestly felt like it looked ridiculous and lost the whole meaning and inspiration behind my FMP idea. It was a big no from me. After this, I felt like I was having a block with my work and I wanted to work from an actual design instead of pinning things to a mannequin and trying to find a design that way – so I went back to the drawing board and came up with a really strong design, which represented a warrior who was ready for a final fight like the houses of the Capulets and Montagues where in the original play, wrote by Shakespeare.


I decided that I wanted to work from a small cami top then build upon the cami with the ice triangles and adding the blue chiffon materials from the weave dress to link the two garments together. I thought that if I changed the straps of the top and used the chiffons to braid 3 new straps on the top it would create a warrior feel to it, but also make it look slick, structured and strong. I wanted to then have braids in the hair with the chiffons to create a headband to keep adding the blue colouring but also to enhance the warrior feel.

I think that it gives off the idea that I wanted it to and it also looks really successful, structured and strong. I need to get some black shorts for the model to wear underneath this garment but I think when it comes to the fashion show it will look really successful, warrior like and strong with the help of hair, makeup and styling! I cannot wait to put this garment on the catwalk and show off this ice warrior look.


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