Exhibition Setup – part 3

After all the hard work of sanding and painting, we got allocated spaces where we began to set up our work. IMG_0355

I haven’t set up the photographs as of yet because I need mounting board from college which is due to come after half term, however, I placed A1 and A2 paper onto the boards to decide which would be too big or too small.

I think that the A2 is definitely too small and I even think that the A1 is too small so I have made the decision to use photo size of A0.


Exhibition – Photograph decisions

I have narrowed my photograph options down too, two possible options;

Option One;

I like this composition because I like how they are back to back and I think that they work really well and are strong together

Option 2;

This is my tutors favourite composition and she feels it is a lot stronger together than option 1 and I have to 100% agree; I love the movement of the hair on the fire photograph as I feel it really represents fire and its movement well and I think it contrasts the ice garment really well because ice is static and strong and I think that the positioning of the model and the staticness on the photograph works well together.

Therefore, I will be using option 2 in my exhibition.

Exhibition Ideas

To gain ideas of ways to exhibit my work in the exhibition, I took to Pinterest and artists websites to find exhibitions from fashion and costume that gave me inspiration for my work.

The inspiration that I found has come from designers like Alexander McQueen with his exhibition at the V&A, to the Brisbane Ballet company. I wanted to find inspiration from more traditional clothing exhibitions (like displaying garments on mannequins) to more current clothing exhibitions (like hanging garments). This has, therefore, allowed me get an idea of how I would like to exhibit my work.

I have decided that I would like a corner to exhibit my work so that I can link back to my original theme of Romeo and Juliet – how? I would like a corner so that I can exhibit only one garment but so that I can have two large photographs, either A0, A1 or A2 sized, so that the fire garment and the ice garment are displayed separately, but I want the photos to face back to back to represent the feud between the houses of fire and ice, like the feud Shakespeare displayed in Romeo and Juliet with the two families. I would therefore like to have the weave garment on exhibition, either hung or on a mannequin, to show the love that the two houses found through their younger generation. I also think that this garment is the strongest garment but also the other two garments look better on a photograph as the model shows exactly how my costume should be worn.

Diagrams of how I plan to exhibit my work:


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