Choosing a Song for the Festival of Making

Choosing the right song for a runway show is really important because you want it to have a good enough beat to walk to but you don’t want it the lyrics to become too important and scramble up the meaning behind your garments. I wanted to use an 80s pop rock track for mine because I really like the beats they have but also because some modern songs that I like would be too cheesy and deface my meaning behind my fire and ice – these options where:

  • New Dress by Depeche Mode


  • Strangelove by Depeche Mode


  • Blue Monday by New Order


  • Friction by Imagine Dragons


  • Kids by MGMT


However, in the end I decided that the best song for my three garments to walk down to in the Festival of Making fashion show would be Blue Monday by New Order because the introduction is quite long and has no lyrics on it so it would allow the audience to gain their own opinions on my garments before the lyrics start. I think it will enhance my theme because when I link back to my origin of Romeo and Juliet, you think of the feud their families have which would in effect correlate to a warrior fight-like and confident walk in which the models will walk in time to.


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