The Festival of Making – Fashion Show

Location: The Windsor Suite at King Georges Hall

My garment show starts around 9 minutes 26 and finishes around 10 minutes 46; I was really impressed with my three garments and my models showed them off beautifully! I am so proud of my work and what I have achieved for my final major project.


Booking Studio Space

I have asked one of my peers, Zahraa Karim, to take photos of my work so I went to see Neil the photography technician to book the studio for Thursday 11th May in the morning slot – so I have from 9am until 12 to take photos of my three garments. I have also got two models, Anna and Eleanor and I intend on styling their makeup and hair to fit in with what they wear.

Fire Cape

The idea behind the cape is to cut individual pieces of chiffon in a flame-like pattern and then sew it all together. I illustrated how I wanted it too look;


Again I think this look is successful and strong, but I think it is my least favourite garment because it hasn’t turned out how I envisioned it too look, but I still think that it is really strong. I didn’t get any photos of this garment on the mannequin so I intend on doing a photoshoot next week, after the festival of making fashion show, to enhance and properly display this garment.

Contacting Models for Festival of Making

4th April

After deciding to take part in the Festival of Making Fashion Show, I needed to find 3 models to wear my garment. I began by posting a Facebook post to see if anyone could recommend anyone or to see if anyone volunteered; From this post I gained my first model, Chloe Fitzpatrick, who is 17, tall and blonde. I then messaged my friend, Skye, from high school to see if she would model for me – model number 2 gained.


10th April

After having no luck getting one last model, I saw a post on Facebook, from a friend from primary school, about how she will be taking part in the Miss Cheshire finals. I decided to see if she would be interested in modelling for me as it would give her a bit extra practice for the finals; model number 3 gained.


25TH April

After having 3 models, I created a Facebook group with the 3 of them in to help me communicate better with them, but I also wanted to check that they were still okay to model for me e.g. contacting them in regards to them signing V2s and V3s for me, so that we know of any medical reasons.




27th April

I filled the girls in with some information about the fashion show.


1st May

I filled the girls in with what they needed to provide for the fashion show.


Now all the girls have all the information they need, we are set ready for the show on the 6th of May.

Choosing a Song for the Festival of Making

Choosing the right song for a runway show is really important because you want it to have a good enough beat to walk to but you don’t want it the lyrics to become too important and scramble up the meaning behind your garments. I wanted to use an 80s pop rock track for mine because I really like the beats they have but also because some modern songs that I like would be too cheesy and deface my meaning behind my fire and ice – these options where:

  • New Dress by Depeche Mode


  • Strangelove by Depeche Mode


  • Blue Monday by New Order


  • Friction by Imagine Dragons


  • Kids by MGMT


However, in the end I decided that the best song for my three garments to walk down to in the Festival of Making fashion show would be Blue Monday by New Order because the introduction is quite long and has no lyrics on it so it would allow the audience to gain their own opinions on my garments before the lyrics start. I think it will enhance my theme because when I link back to my origin of Romeo and Juliet, you think of the feud their families have which would in effect correlate to a warrior fight-like and confident walk in which the models will walk in time to.

The Festival Of Making

An opportunity arose for textiles and fashion where we can show off three garments in a catwalk show, which is going to be filmed by companies like the BBC, as apart of The Festival of Making. I originally decided that I would show off my two animal garments and my fire and ice garment but me and Danielle both agreed that it wouldn’t make a good collection of my work because they are too different from one another; with this in mind I decided that I would create three garments for my final major project, one inspired by fire, one by ice and one of both fire and ice. I sketched out some ideas too see what could work but also what I could deconstruct to reconstruct back into one final garment for my final major project.


My three garments would be –

  1. Fire: a cape out of chiffon to create a flowing, fire flame effect
  2. Ice: Digitally printed triangles of my ice photographs
  3. Fire and Ice: a weave using the colours of fire and ice

Fire Cape

After sourcing chiffons from a local shop, Cheapest Fabrics, I began to cut fire flames out of the chiffons so that the cape would be make from fire shaped patterns instead of one piece of material


Ice Garment

Moving forward from the ice neckpiece, I began to pin all the different sized triangles onto a mannequin to see the effect it would give off as a dress.

All I really need to do now with this garment is sew them together, I would like to add some other triangle textures using a stronger material to get enhance the effect of ice – I saw something similar on the show Project Runway, season 8 episode 3 (Its a Party) where April Johnston used only materials from a party store where the effect of the garment reminded me of ice.


Fire and Ice Garment

This garment would be a weave on the loom I created out of a choker and a hula hoop.

Fabric Costings

Shop: Cheapest Fabrics

Price: £43.50

Fabric Amount: 20 meters of reds, blues and orange chiffons