Contacting Models for Festival of Making

4th April

After deciding to take part in the Festival of Making Fashion Show, I needed to find 3 models to wear my garment. I began by posting a Facebook post to see if anyone could recommend anyone or to see if anyone volunteered; From this post I gained my first model, Chloe Fitzpatrick, who is 17, tall and blonde. I then messaged my friend, Skye, from high school to see if she would model for me – model number 2 gained.


10th April

After having no luck getting one last model, I saw a post on Facebook, from a friend from primary school, about how she will be taking part in the Miss Cheshire finals. I decided to see if she would be interested in modelling for me as it would give her a bit extra practice for the finals; model number 3 gained.


25TH April

After having 3 models, I created a Facebook group with the 3 of them in to help me communicate better with them, but I also wanted to check that they were still okay to model for me e.g. contacting them in regards to them signing V2s and V3s for me, so that we know of any medical reasons.




27th April

I filled the girls in with some information about the fashion show.


1st May

I filled the girls in with what they needed to provide for the fashion show.


Now all the girls have all the information they need, we are set ready for the show on the 6th of May.


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