Digital Prints

After creating collage illustrations using my own photographs, I decided that the best way for me to progress with my work would be to create some digital prints using my photographs of the ice textures. I printed two onto a sample strip before printing larger scaled ones, which I was relieved that I did that because it allowed me to see that the digital printer needed to have the ink crates cleaned because it caused my prints to come out not in the correct colours. Instead of having grey, black and white prints I had grey, blue and pink prints.


However, even though the colourings on these prints weren’t correct, I do really like them because they do still give off the impression of ice because blue is still a cold colour and even though the pink is a warm colour I could use these prints further down my garment to represent the fight / mixing of the two elements both fire and ice.

I now plan on creating larger samples using more of my ice photos to see what outcome I get, and I want to then cut them into different sized triangles, filled with wading to created 3d icicles.


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