Film Inspiration for Presentations

As suggested by Jamie that I considered creating a short film of my work, I began to start researching short films and video clips so that I could find inspiration for a way to present my final major project.  I used the websites Show Studio and YouTube to find film artists to get inspiration. I only found one artist that made me instantly inspired by his work, Nick Knight, the photographer who collaborates with different designers, film makers and stylists to create fashion films as a form to present a variety of garments with a breathtaking motions behind them.

The first of Knights’ films that I love was a collaboration with Alexander McQueen, Edward Enninful, Younji Ku and Jon Emmony. It was sparked by the arrival of the acclaimed ‘Savage Beauty’ exhibition at the V&A museum in London in 2015. They decided to to look for unused and unseen footage from previous collaborations with McQueen – this footage features footage shot in 2010 which features some of McQueen’s most acclaimed designs which where carefully selected by Sarah Burton with the input of stylist Edward Enninful..

With this film I love how it feels like there is a narrative throughout it, it makes me feel like the garments are inspired by fire and ice, particularly with the features of the white garments and the red garments. I feel that because of the amount of after editing this short film has, for me to film it myself, without any experience, would be too much of an expectation because I have no previous experience in media and I could get someone else to film it for me but I would prefer to film it myself as it will allow me to develop my own skill set and work on a different pathway before I go to university and fully focus on costume design and interpretation. The film involves a lot of CGI which will take a long period of time to edit, which again I would be restricted in time area. With this in mind, I would like to look for more of Knight’s collaborations and find one that I could use as inspiration which is more achievable for myself to film.

Another of Knight’s films that I love and have been inspired by is a more recent one, where he collaborated with Dolce & Gabbana. Knight shot a selection of  key looks from the S/S 17 collections exclusively for German publication Stern magazine; The short fashion film I like specifically focus’ on Dolce and Gabbana. Knight worked with models Jazzelle Zanaughtti, Anna Cleveland and Madison Stubbington over a three-day period to create an editorial focused on the language of photography.

I feel that this short fashion film would definitely be more achievable for myself to film. I love how it focus’ on the detailing and it almost looks like there is a kaleidoscope effect on parts of the footage. I like how the model uses a rectangle piece of card with a print of eyes on it, where the model holds it in front of her eyes, which make her look like she’s looking at you when really her body language focus’ suggests that she is bored and not interested, as she is slouched on the chair, whereas, the printed eyes look like she is sat formally having a portrait done. I would definitely like to look at creating a film similar to this one that Knight produced.

Things for me to consider;

  1. The location of the film
  2. Would I add coloured gels?
  3. Who I’d like to model it
  4. Music to have behind and how it would influence the film or narrative

I think I would like the music to link back to the initial idea for my narrative of Romeo and Juliet. I could look into the ballet of Romeo and Juliet and who wrote the score for it and take inspiration from this – one of the ballet scenes music could be the music for my film.


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