Developing fashion illustrations

Developing on from last week where I worked on face illustrations, I decided that I wanted to develop this skill further and produce illustrations on potential garments for my final major project. I decided that I would also use photocopies of samples from my book to help me illustrate so that I used collage, texture and simple drawing to enhance the theme of fire and ice.

I really like the outcome of these illustrations and I think they look really effective. I feel that they represent my theme of fire and ice in a unique and unusual way because they aren’t so literal in design idea, however the fabric choices will be more literal because I will want to use softer fabrics for fire because the substance is more fluid, whereas, I want to use stronger fabric for the representation of ice because the substance is strong. In some of the designs I wanted to think of the placement of where fire and ice could be, for example, if you think about their substances ice would be on the lower part of the garment because it is heavier whereas, fire would be higher because it is lighter but then you could think about where they would be seen in reality, because ice would be higher up because it hangs from roofs and windows in the form of icicles whereas fire would be lower down as they usually start towards the ground instead of in the air; therefore, the placement of fire and ice in each garment depends on the type of literality you want to look at it from. I definitely think that I can use these illustrations to create a final garment, or more, to represent my idea of fire and ice.

However, after these illustrations had been evaluated I began to develop and refine some of the illustrations by photocopying them onto acetate and sewing into them, before placing them over backgrounds.

I think these where the most successful of all the illustrations because it allowed volume to be created and more textures and patterns to develop, within the illustration. I would like to use one of these as the idea behind my final garment but I may take aspects from all three of them too. I am unsure how I will develop these into my final garments at the moment.


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