Face Illustration Development

I decided that today I wanted to work on finding my own style when it came to creating illustrations for my garments, because I have found this to be a problem when designing work because I rely too much on fashion templates because I don’t have enough confidence in myself to draw a figure to design from. I didn’t know where to begin really because I know that I just need to practice and practice to get a beautiful fashion like template, but I knew that I wanted my own style instead, so I had a look in the London College of Fashion’s ‘Pigeons and Peacocks’ magazine where I found some illustrations which really made me want to draw.


Unfortunately due to being in a scrap paper bin, the illustrations weren’t with the article itself, so I could not find the artist’s name, however, the illustrations really remind me of fashion illustrators, Eleanor Rose Shenton and Timi Hayek who work in a really loose and free style.

Eleanor Rose Shenton:

Timi Hayek:

I feel really inspired by both of their styles and I would like to try to work in a similar style as they do. With this in mind I began to work closely in drawing faces to try and create my own unique style but also to build my confidence so that I could see the development of the face characterisations, moods and personalities I wanted to portray.

I then used the copic ciao markers to add some colour and more personality into my designs; Looking at them now I can see a clear development within just the two pages that I worked upon, and I think that this has really helped me to find my own style. When I look at the first few I did, it allows to see what has worked well for me and what hasn’t. With this in mind, I think that the more pointed chin faces and hair with a bun has worked really well over the other shaped faces because they a clean, simplistic but also detail and allow a character to be formed. I would like to move on from this and develop some illustrations for potential final garments that incorporate the idea of fire and ice.


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