Connecting Fire and Ice

As apart of my storyline, I would like to connect my characters of fire and ice, just like the characters in Romeo and Juliet connect from the two families feud but also from Romeo and Juliet falling in love. In my first instances I thought that I would want to have the characters completely separate, however, I had a fortunate coincidence where I created a piece of work, from samples, which displays the two elements together, just simply by looking through a cut out to the point where the fire samples meet the ice samples (photo below displays).


Developing on from this I would like to consider the idea of the two ‘families’ connecting together perhaps through feud or perhaps through the love they have for one another.

  • The aspect of love; 

If I develop my work so that it focus’ on the love the two characters from fire and ice have for each other, I could use my work as a metaphor for their love that they share. I could represent this by weaving textile elements of fire and ice together on a loom, hand-loom or even through mesh.

  • The aspect of feud;

If I develop my work so that it focus’ on the word feud, I could use the hatred that the two families have for each other and make my materials clash as a metaphor of this hatred and feud.

  • Using both love and feud

By using both love and feud the garment could represent both, for example, the middle of the garment could entwine and weave together to represent the love that the two main characters have for one another, whereas the edges of the garment could represent the feud as they are complete separate and the fabrics could contrast as another way to represent the feud.

Researching the words love and feud – One way could be for me to start by looking in a dictionary to see what the official definition of the words love and feud mean. However, I could, also, ask different people what the words love and feud means to them, and take the descriptions as a medium of creating a garment, which would still be in the style of Bauhaus and Cirque du Soleil. I could use the medium of Facebook to ask my Facebook friends what they think it means to them and I could ask my class peers what they think it means. I would be quite interested in getting a definition of love of people from the people at my dance school as I could video the movement they think represents the word ‘love’ and use this as a way to entwine the fabrics.




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