Tutorial – Jamie Holman

Following on from Jamie’s lecture, I booked a tutorial slot with him to get feedback on everything I had done and considered so far. As I began to explain my idea, he automatically knew a connection of Bauhaus costumes, which had been used for an 80s bands music video; The band where one I had never heard of, they are called the New Order and they used the inspired Bauhaus costumes in their New Faith song music video.

Choreographer, Philippe Decouflé, took inspiration from the costumes in order to choreograph unusual movement for the video by looking at how all the costumes worked and moved so that he took their restrictions as an advantage to enhance character performance and uniqueness; He also links further to my project because he has also wrote and directed the Cirque du Soleil production ‘Iris’  and has directed another of their productions ‘Paramour’.

Developing on from this music video, I would like to take inspiration from this New Order video when it comes to photographing my costume because the movement that Decouflé uses will allow me to figure out poses for my very own costume. I could even look into collaborating with a media student, so that I could take a film of my work using movement like Decouflé’s and the movement used in productions of Cirque du Soleil. I will revisit this music video when it comes to starting to figure out how I would like to present my work and how I will take inspiration from it for my own work.

We then began to discuss how I will use my theme within my work. Jamie suggested that I could take fire and ice as a concept to where fire and ice would be, in relation to where they would be place – ice is a heavy substance so could appear further down whereas fire is lighter so would be higher up the garment. I could also consider what would happen when the two substances meet, which would be in the centre of the garment, but would they link together and entwine or would they fight? This would link back to the narrative of the garment because I could focus on either to major points in the story,

  1. where fire and ice meet for the final battle
  2. where fire and ice meet to show their love and affection for one another

With this in mind, I would like to start looking further into design ideas and developments for my final piece so that I can start to look further this concept of where we could find fire and ice and how they would meet.

Finally, Jamie said that I was working at a strong and high level but there is always room for improvement. With this in mind he believes that by me constantly looking at the grading scheme when doing all the different elements to my work so that I can always try to work on the grading of a distinction so that I have the best and possible way of achieving my desirable grade of a distinction, but by doing this I will constantly be questioning my work and how I evaluate myself and whether or not what I am doing is working, whether I am playing safe or whether I am being too adventurous. It will also allow me to constantly look for different methodologies that will help me to develop my work in the best possible way, which will probably mean using methodologies from different pathways and not just fashion and textiles.

I believe that having a tutorial with Jamie has really helped me with my work because it has allowed me to gain new knowledge of ways for me to develop my work, like considering where on the garment the fire and ice aspects should be placed in correlation to their characteristics, and it has also allowed me to gain new ideas for me to consider when looking into the presentation of my work, which will definitely mean me looking back into the New Order, True Faith’s video and the choreographer Philippe Decouflé. I would like to book another tutorial with Jamie in a few weeks to go over more new ideas that I gain within the next few weeks, and I will definitely be booking one when considering ways of presenting my work.


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