Research- The Art of Felt: Inspirational Designs, Textures and Surfaces

After taking the book ‘The Art of Felt: inspirational designs, textures and surfaces’ out of the library I began reading to see the different methods of creating felt and different patterns you can use. I learnt that the origins of felt date back to AD 432-453 at least, dating this traditional fabric method back at least 3000 years, probably even more than that. The felting of wool and animal fibres is based upon a natural process; heat, humidity and friction causes wool and fibres to become matted and entangled to a point where they cannot be separated. The higher the temperature the faster this transformation occurs, yet sometimes you can add particular products, like soap, acids (vinegar) or soda, to activate the process. Wool tends to be the easiest material to felt but it will depend on the source of the fibres, for example, commercial wool nowadays, is treated to prevent felting.

I want to explore further with felting so that I can create my very own fire and ice based felts. I plan on achieving this by doing a workshop with Gwyneth, textiles technician, who will show me different methods of felting .



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