Primary Research – Ice Photography

Using a macro lense, I took records of the particles within ice so that I could study ice in a more developed way and because I was intrigued to see how it looked up close, rather than the usual cube shape that we are used to. I decided that I would take 3 different photos of ice:

  1. The Ice Cubes: to see the usual shape and structure of ice
  2. Crushed Ice: to contrast the shapes and structure of the solidarity
  3. The Ice Particles; to see inside of the usual formation of ice

I decided that I would place the ice on a black plastic board so that I could see the colour of the ice, if I had used a white plastic board the shape and structure wouldn’t have been revealed to me as well. I also used a high powered photography flash, which had baffles on the side so that I could focus the source of light just on to the ice, with hope that it would show up the particles better. Once set up, I began to take the photographs…

I think that my photographs had a successful outcome, as I achieved what I wanted to achieve, which was seeing the ice particles up close. Some of the photographs are a lot more successful that the others; I believe that the photographs which are more focused on the particles in the ice are more successful because I will be able to use the patterns and structure of the way it has frozen within my work to create parts on my final outcome, whereas I think that the photographs of the cubes and crushed cubes are less successful because I didn’t really capture the particles and the way the water froze, which is what is what I intended for my outcome.

Below is the photograph which I believe will help me the most in my project and which was the most successful photo of them all; I think this because I really love how it displays the way the water has froze and how it looks like the particles are growing in a curved shape. I will definitely take the patterns and textures from this photograph and apply them into my final outcome and it will also help me when it comes to designing different garments for my final piece.


I decided to upload some of my photographs from this ice photoshoot onto the FAD Facebook page where people liked my posts and gave me feedback; reflecting upon this, I can see that people where impressed with the images I captured because the “detail is fantastic”. However, it has also allowed me to find ways that I could develop these photographs in the future:

  1. Try to use a lighter background as it may yield more detail.
  2. Maybe take the photographs on a Lightbox to yield more detail.
  3. Find different forms of ice e.g. freezing water balloons.
  4. Use a coloured background to see what effect that gives.

Applying this feedback from my peers to future ice photoshoots, I would definitely like to use larger and more solid ice blocks whether that be in the form of a balloon etc. and I would like to try and shoot these using more colours – I could use coloured gels, like in my Bauhaus photoshoot, to try and achieve different colourings to my photographs.

I also uploaded the close up of the ice onto my Instagram account; this is an account which is specifically for me to upload photographs and videos of my work to see what the public think of my work. Even though I have, as of yet, had no comments on my ice photograph I have had likes which indicates people like what I have achieved with this photoshoot.



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