Finished Weave

Looking back on my finished weave, I am really happy and proud of the outcome I achieved; to have never have used a loom like this before and to have learnt how to make own warp to the correct length, setting up the loom correctly and doing the weave itself, I believe that I have done a really good job of it.

I chose colours that did slightly relate to my project but I just wanted to experiment at first, but when I do this again I will use colours that are more based around my project and I would also like to dye up my own yarns for next time too. I think that the bright orange ribbon worked  really well and I will definitely use more ribbon throughout. I would like to try and weave more rigid materials through, like plastics to see what type of effect that gains and I would like to add some elastic in too to try and create more textures within it. I would like to paint some procion dyes over some of the sections to enhance the theme of fire and ice but also to see how it looks with added dyes over the top and I would like to embellish the weave with beading and by sewing patterns back into it.

Overall the final outcome of this sample has been really successful and I will definitely be using the weaving technique in my final garment somehow, but as of yet I do not know how I will apply this technique into my design.



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