Warping and Weaving

After always having an interest with woven clothing, I wanted to gain some new skills and learn how to warp and weave on the looms. I made myself a step-by-step guide so that I will always have record of how to set up a loom and weave on it.

Step 1

Ensure that the loom is empty and if it is not clear off the previous warp if you do not intend on using that particular thread


Step 2

Get your desired thread and wrap it round a ruler up to half an inch (which times that by 10 to ensure you will know how many times to count out when you apply the thread to the warp machine) and attached thread to the warper and count. In my case I went around 17 times before getting to half an inch so I had to warp 170 threads.


Step 3

Attach warp onto loom, hold tightly to create tension and comb through to smoothen tangled thread


Step 4

Separate the warp strands and pull them through, one-by-one, the loop holes on the eight shafts ready into a pattern (it can either be 1-8:1-8 or 1-8:8-1); this will determine whether you can later create diamond patterns or chevron patterns.

Step 5

Pull strands, one-by-one, through the reed; you can create patterns which will determine whether your final weave has just tight blocks or a mixture of blocks and spaces.

Step 6

Loop end strands around the tension bar and tighten, to ensure your warp has a strong tension and will not slacken in areas.


Step 7





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