Primary Images: Flames on a Bunsen Burner

Revisiting a favourite experiment from chemistry is always fun, especially the you get to take photographs of the flames that a bunsen burner produces with and without elements being added into the flame. As fire is a big aspect in my final major project, revisiting this experiment allowed me to capture different coloured flames when you add other elements into the flame; Zinc changed the flame to yellow, Potassium changed the flame to lilac, Strontium changed the flame to deep red, Sodium changed the flame to a vibrant orange, Copper changed the flame to green and Magnesium changed the flame to a bright white spark. I also sprinkled sparklers powder on the open flame to try to capture the firework effect.

Reflecting upon my photographs I think I did a really good job at capturing the images of the flames, especially when I’m not a photographer. However, I think that if I did redo these again I would prefer to not have anything in the background image, but it shows that I went to a safe area to get these flame recordings. Some of the photos didn’t capture the colour change within the flame, especially the lilac flame but it is a weaker flame colour than the green copper flame and the equipment we used may not have been brand new, therefore if it had not been properly clean it may not have taken the element powder as well, but overall I am really pleased with the outcome I have achieved and I am looking forward to applying these images into my work, to create different types of flames.

I decided to upload one of the images where I used sparkler powder to capture sparks shooting out of the bunsen flame, onto my costume based Instagram account to see what Instagram users thought of it; the post received 22 likes and 2 comments, shown in the photograph below.





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