Experimental Techniques – Melting Plastic

I wanted to experiment with unconventional materials and I decided that I wanted to melt plastic to see what types of effects it gave me. By melting the plastic it makes the plastic reduce in size and malfunction; for example one of my plastic samples created lots of bubbles which gave it a lava style, bubbled effect. It is a really unpredictable material when you apply heat but if you control the heat correctly you can achieve the right, desired effect and not allow too many holes to burn through. I tried to melt more than one types of plastic together which is four of my six samples; this technique didn’t bubble as well as I hoped but it did form two colours together and created a more rigid plastic which could help to create something more structural when thinking of the colours of fire. The yellow sample crumpled and folded together and created a pad of both rigid and soft plastic; this was a nice outcome but I would have preferred a more bubbly effect, but it was a thiner plastic than the red bubbled plastic.

Overall, I had a good outcome when melting plastics with a heat gun, and it has allowed me to see which plastics create what type of effect. I would like to apply some of the more stronger, rigid plastic into my final garment, if I can create lots of plastic with bubbles in. I  won’t be using the thiner plastic again unless I use it to weave yellow through fabric or the stronger plastic, which could work quite nicely and contrast well with the other plastic. Therefore, I will definitely be using plastic again within the near future, and I will be adding it into my final design.



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