Artist Research – Hsiao-Chi Tsai

Tsais’ work is incredibly fun and forward thinking because her work is divided between ‘playful expressions and groundbreaking innovation‘. Her work adds more fun into surface work which has caught the eye of many, including the Royal Botanical Gardens and Harvey Nichols, showing that it has a multi-purpose audience and can influence any space that it is require to fit in. She like to create volume, depth and space to develop onto the two-dimensional work; structure and texture are a very big influence apart of her work. She works with formable and non-textile materials which range from foam, plastic, sheet metal and ceramics, but if she does work with textile materials it is usually lycra, felt and polyester. She likes to laminate materials ‘to create a double-sided effect, so that she can then cut and mould them into three-dimensional organic forms’. Her installion-art ethos is important to her and she says that;

“the role of structural form in my work enables the textile to become multi-layered by light and shadows and come to like in the three-dimensional space”

I would like to experiment with the shaping of her work, so that I can try to create similar structure into my work so that my final costumes are multi-layered and groundbreaking.



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