Fire and Ice Samples

After getting the approval from my pitch of my final major project theme, I began by creating samples of different ways to display fire and ice. I created small samples using a variety of different materials from drawing to weaving to sewing for my sketchbook just to show my initial ideas and to see if it caused any trigger points for me, which would take my process further.

I now want to evaluate each of them samples so I can talk through whether they created trigger points and the strengths and weaknesses about them.

  • Fire Illustrations

I began by drawing a motif of fire flames in more of a graffiti styled way because I am not the best at drawing fire, I thought it could be a different to present the flames but it still looks like a more tradition drawing approach. I thought that perhaps I could transfer this drawing motif onto a screen so I could do some screen prints onto fabric which could work quite nicely within my piece. I then photocopied this motif and stitched into one of the flames using a machine to see what effect that gave me, however, I didn’t really like this and I will be avoid this within my work as I feel it won’t be a big influence in my final costume. The other illustration I did used both tissue paper and felt tips as I wanted to see what effect that gave off; unfortunately, I created it in more of a 2D style which didn’t look effective, I would like to try to present this in a more 3D style to see whether that could create more effective flames but I would have to consider how practical tissue paper would be when and if worn by a gymnast?


  • Stitch and Slash

I wanted to take the skill of stitch and slash, which I used in my butterfly garment from the last project, and apply it into the aspect of fire. I think it has been successful in a way and I will definitely use this skill in my final design, however, I think that I need to use more material and different types of materials because if I compare this to last time I don’t think it has been as successful because I have only used cotton, which is a stronger fabric compared to chiffon. Danielle and Gwyneth, my tutor and the textiles technician, both really liked this sample and have agreed that I should use this skill in my work but using a different variety of materials, otherwise I have really liked the other come of this sample.


  • Waded Flames

I wanted to use wading captured inside of material to create 2D flames. I feel that this sample has been really successful because it has allowed me to bring my flames into a three-dimensional aspect. I would like to use this idea and develop it further into my work because I feel that it would work really effectively in my work when creating a final outcome for my theme. I plan to keep this skill fresh in my mind and keep applying it as an where I can.


  • Net weaving

This is a new skill for me and I would like to believe that I gave it a really good and successful attempt. I would however, pre-dye the fabric before weaving it into the net instead of using dye afterwards to get flame like colours. I would like to develop this skill set further by learning how to weave on a traditional loom and I would like to create a loom on out of cardboard to see what effect that would give me. However I really love how this is quite messy because it enhances the theme of fire well, because fires spit and spark which is what this weave looks like it is doing.


  • Dyed fabric cut flake

I created this sample simply by using the paper snowflake technique, where you fold a circle and cut out shapes. It worked quite effectively to say it is such a simple technique and it enhances the cold feel that ice produces. I chose blue colouring because blue is a cold colour and can often reflect winter days where there is ice around. I am unsure at this moment whether I will use this technique further in my work but it could be quite nice to use a stronger fabric and have more of a detailed pattern which could allow me to weave through; I could also weave red colours through it to imply either that fire and ice are now one or that they are in a battle, just like in the story of Romeo and Juliet.


  • Plastic Flake

I wanted to sew into a non-convention material like plastic to create the translucent feel that ice has, however, I added snips of some pre-dyed fabric into the two plastic layers to show that it is more solid than it looks, again just like the quality of ice. I believe that this has worked really effectively and I want to 100% use this technique more throughout my project. I would like to try and melt the plastic after I have sowed into it to see what type of effect that gives, as I feel like it would look more like ice particles than a snowflake. I am looking forward to experimenting with this skill further.


  • Wadded Icicles 

Creating wading icicles was really simple, quick and effective. I think that I would like to use this idea to create cuffs or even an oversized collar for my final outcome. I think this technique has been really successful and I particularly like the way the fabric has dyed because it created a sense that the ices has cracks in it but also that there are more solid sections in the ice formation.


  • Glue-gun flake

After seeing this technique on Pinterest may of times, I decided to give it a go. I think it worked really well and effectively, unfortunately I tried to do this using cling-film as a base which melted into the glue so I couldn’t peel it off from the cling-film once cooled, however, I now know if I am going to use this technique in the future that I need to use a solid base, like acetate where it will peel off easily instead of cling film.



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