Artist Research – Sebastien Barilleau

Sebastien Barilleau has been seizing the helm of Cecile Henri Atelier, the handcrafted embroidery which was founded by Cecile Lesage and Henri Roche. Barilleau refers to his life as ‘a living fairy-tale… I could easily imagine that they are being despatched to a fairy-tale princess, for a wedding that will take place in a palace built especially for the occasion’. The work Barilleau directs is majestic and magical; the amount of time and dedication that goes into each individual garment definitely pays off because of how amazing the final outcome looks; They look like crystal ores. I personally love sparkles, gems and glitter on garments which is more than likely why I love this work, however, there is an elegance about the sparkles and they don’t look cheap which can sometimes be the case when using sparkles, but it definitely doesn’t apply to the work of Barielleau and the house of Cecile Henri Atelier.

I think this would apply well in my work because the crystals could be used for ice and I could embroider gems into my ice work.




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