Artist Research – Marjolein Dallinga

Dallinga’s work uses ancient techniques of felting to create unique works off art – In an interview I read online she talks about her inspiration for her creations which is the natural world, its sounds, feelings and textures and forms but she can ‘often dream of something deep and colourful which moves and which is very mysterious‘. Her works include many corners, strange places, folds and holes but her main focus is whether it moves and how that piece moves; which is why I can relate to her, as a costume designer I have to focus on how a garment can move and what its restrictions are, if it has any. Her work regularly uses one particular material and technique to create an expression of itself instead of a creation for decorative or as a vehicle for narratives, therefore the material she uses has to speak which felting allows her to do so because of its flexibility and versatile; therefore it allows her to express feelings using colours and for Dallinga the colours are the light that we consciously and subconsciously crave. She likes to focus on the sculpture of the work rather than 2d art. She uses lots of photography books, books on nature and the body as inspirations, but as well movies from Tarkovski to Bergman have deeply influenced her work. Music has indirectly influenced her but not as much as other influences like films and books. Her work includes a lot of dreaming and experimentation but it has a beautiful and large outcome.

Dallinga’s work has also been used for the spectacular shows of Cirque Du Soleil, which helps me to look further into the style of costumes they look at and use; I want to definitely take forward the technique and thought process of Dallingas’ work to use for my Final Major Project as they create a unique and unusual style which contradicts the norm of costume design; I’d like to focus more on the movement of the costume rather than the narrative as I believe it will develop and push my work rather than sticking to the norm or my thought process and in general, a costume for a ballet dance. I want to use the process of felting for the use of its effect on colours but also for its flexibility and versatile of the fabric so that I can create an effect like this so that I can use it for one of my characters costumes.


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