Artist Research – Margaret Crowther

Margaret Crowthers’ work inspires me due to the colours she uses and the textures she makes on her tapestries; she knots and twists and builds up textures. She uses tough yarns to keep the structure and textures alive. The colours what she uses are bright and vibrant a and remind me of fire which will allow me to transfer Crowthers’ colour palette into my work on fire. The hand woven tapestries create such a strong structure and pattern that it reminds me of a honeycomb and tree bark, however, I could apply this into my theme of fire because the curved patterns could represent the curves in a single flame. I think that I wouldn’t use such a structured yarn due to the fact that fire flames aren’t a strong structure but in order to get a similar effect I would have to use a sturdier fabric choice. With this in mind, I could use two different types of fabric to create a more fluid structure and use the sturdier fabric as a base; I will definitely use the same colour palette as the colours can also represent the fire.

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