Artist Research – Jo Hyam

Jo Hyam produces beautiful 3D pieces by sandwiching fibres, fabric and threads between layers of soluble film which she cuts into a pattern shape which creates a beautiful and delicate looking double-layered piece of lacy clothFor some of her 3D pieces she later adds in hand-stitching, beads and glitter to amplify the beautiful lacy texture. In order to get the desired effect produced she leaves the damp lacy cloth over a mould, like a vase, and she adds a medium like varnish; once this dries she dries the thicker sections with a hair drier to set the piece and then leaves on the mould for about a week to ensure the shape stays. Her works involves hours of skills and attention to get the effect she desires but in the end it creates a beautiful effect that could consequently be added into any context and theme; for me I will be able to apply this technique into both themes of fire and ice so that I can create beautiful 3d lacey effects to add onto the garment.



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