Artist Research – Amanda McCavour

Amanda McCavour creates beautiful and delicate lace-like embroidery. For her work she uses water soluble fabric and a machine to embroider outlines to create different shapes in order to form patterns and shapes. She has done a study on one ‘ice crystals’ which I can relate to for my ice character study; I’d like to, ideally, make something really similar to McCavours’ ice crystals as a detailing for a shoulder section for the ice character. Her work is inspired by lots of different aspects, for example, her ice crystals have been influenced by the frost formations that are on her apartment window, but also Jane Morton’s ‘Early Frost’ work has specifically influenced her ice crystals work; where she wrapped trees in similar ice-like lace patterns too create an early frost.

McCavour’s work has really inspired me and I want to try and create ice crystals for my work, I will most likely create a pattern first so I have an pattern to work from. I plan on doing some test samples this week so I can figure out a perfect pattern that won’t break up or loose its structure, and I will need to experiment with how to connect them all together and whether I would need to find a way of making my threads stronger by adding a form of strengthening… possibly PVA glue?



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