Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away

Watching Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away has really inspired me and it will be a main inspiration for my final major project. They produce clever works of art which are both visually and creatively appealing; for me I really like the unusual shapes and structures of the costumes and it reminds me of Bauhaus and Oskar Schlemmer’s ballet productions, which will allow me to use them as initial research for my project. I could take forward, from my old project to my new project, the bauhaus work that I created; I’d like to focus on  the unusual costumes that they produce but I’d like to look at the silhouettes that my costumes produced and possibly take them forward and use them as a starting point for initial design work within my theme.

The costumes within Cirque du Soleil productions are made to interest and captivate you, but they also are made to be practical; they will be made to fit the movement of each individual performer because there is no practicality in creating a structured skirt dress, or oversized baggy pants for the performer will be doing contortion or gymnastics, therefore, they need to be both visually appealing and practical to the performer, which is something that I will need to consider when designing my costumes. Some of the costumes are made to be waterproof so perhaps I can look into materials which are waterproof and how non-waterproof materials react with water incase I decide to base my own production on a water style Cirque du Soleil production. I could also consider creating elements of the garment which are put on half way through the production to enhance a particular scene, for example, in the film some of the performers attached upper body armour, to enhance the fact they will be going into battle shortly with their enemies, as apart of their movement and performance allowing it to cleverly be developed into the performance and so that it doesn’t just look like they have put on armour.

What do I want to develop from this and look into further:

  1. Water and fabrics
  2. Silhouettes of my bauhaus inspired costumes
  3. Can I link the putting on of a costume into the performance?
  4. Different fabrics and materials research looking at the flexibility of them
  5. The practicality of my new costumes and how they fit the movement of the performer



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