FMP Ideas

After being told about what is involved in FMP, I wanted to do some research so that I could find inspiration for my project. I began by looking on UAL Showtime so that I could see what others had used as inspiration to create costumes from; this is where I found my trigger point from the costume designers at LCF, Camille Bloch. Camille’s project ‘Our Extraordinary Atlantis’ instantly gave me a trigger into ways of creating similar garments; but I knew I didn’t and couldn’t just take this idea and make it my own. So I studied the photographs of the garment and wrote down what it reminded me of;


The unique silhouette structure reminded me of my bauhaus costumes that I created as a side project within unit 5 and the red base colour working with the bright, neon, metallic jewel like colours within the garment made me think of costumes used by the company Cirque du Soleil; this idea forming within my head made me want to develop my interest of the costumes for a new production apart of the Cirque du Soleil but using my silhouettes created from my simplistic bauhaus costumes;

If I take the unusual silhouettes I can use these as a starting point for silhouette exploration. I can then apply this into creating unusual curves, shapes and textures for my FMP final outcome for whatever that may be.


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